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My research focuses on the epistemology of contemporary scientific practices, with an emphasis on changing modes of research, scientific methodology, and science and values. In examining contemporary practices, my research seeks to develop a deeper understanding of the changing conditions and contexts of knowledge in 21st century science and technology. My research has examined the string theory controversy, which is driven by non-empirical constraints. A further subject of my research is high-energy experimental particle physics at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Switzerland, which, following a crisis in theory and an absence of new results, is now looking for new direction and is increasingly drawing upon machine learning techniques. My research approach is to engage as much as possible with scientists, and to marshal a wide variety of resources including academic scientific literature, oral interviews, and blogs written by scientists. This has enabled me to gain insight into both the diversity of practices of working scientists and the roles of values in and outside of science.

PhD History and Philosophy of Science, University of Sydney
BSc (Hons) Physics and History and Philosophy of Science, University of Melbourne

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